Just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not coming to get you: Evidence of planned UK Depopulation organized by Government?

Consider item nos # 1 thru 6 below and we will let you be the judge…

 Item #1:

In May 2020 Professor Dolores Cahill’s May-2020 warned of death following receipt covid mRNA vaccines that would likely occur 6-12 months after the vaccine.

Check this out for yourself: Delores Cahill explains 31 mins in: 

and you can read the supporting medical journal articles referenced by Delores Cahill here:

The reader shall note that mRNA Covid vaccines have been relentlessly pushed by Governments worldwide despite (1) thirty years of research scientific data showing that all of the animals died following receipt of mRNA vaccines in animal trials and (2) warnings surrounding the dangers of their use voiced by re-eminent immunologists and virologists from around the world.

Item #2:

The massive numbers of vaccine adverse reactions warned of by Professor Cahill back in May 2020 have come to pass: By June 2021, over one million of them have been recorded in the UK’s yellow card system alone (click on the links below to go directly to MHRA data or else go to this TWT article for more analysis . These adverse reactions have been studiously ignored by the news media and still the push to take the jabs continues.

Pfizer – UK vaccine reaction report here:

Oxford Astra Zeneca – UK vaccine reaction report here:


Item #3:

The UK Government launched a tender for the development of an AI software application to handle the expected large numbers of vaccine adverse reactions and you can read the tender document for yourself here. This is incontrovertible evidence that these injuries were expected and plans were implemented to manage same. The UK Government was not / is not concerned with public health but is keenly focussed on state sponsored harm to be perpetrated upon the UK population through coerced administration of these vaccines despite knowledge that they harm and kill.

Item #4:

If state sponsored genocide via Covid-19 vaccines really is planned, the UK Government will need to implement legislation to manage the such fatalities as smoothly as possible for the convenience of their own administration. In the event of this being the case, legislation surrounding the following would be expedient:

  • Relaxation of the legal requirement for inquests (to minimize ‘inconvenient evidence’ of death by vaccine)
  • Relaxation of the legal requirement for jury at inquests (and thereby minimize the risk of inconvenient challenges that the inquest was improperly carried out or not carried out at all)
  • Relaxation of the legal requirement that an inquest be undertaken prior to burial of cremation (to enable easy disposal of evidence of death by vaccine)
  • Relaxation of the legal requirement that persons acting as health care professionals be suitably qualified for their respective roles: these particular rules need to be relaxed in the event of mass fatalities of qualified staff and to ensure that unqualified staff will always be available to administer vaccines on an ongoing basis.
  • Implementation of laws allowing for the compulsory hospitalization of persons with mental disorders for up to 12 weeks (i.e. replace “persons with mental disorders” with “persons that refuse to be vaccinated” – i.e. to ensure that a legal provision is made such that “any persons that disagree with Government policy” can be considered as suffering from a mental disorder and hospitalized against their will.
  • Implementation of provisions in respect of the total collapse of food supply chains (to be implemented in the event of mass fatalities of persons working the agricultural and food distribution sectors).


In order to (1) put a legal framework in place in respect of the above bullet points and (2) maintain business as usual, Coronavirus (Bill HC Bill 122)  recently fast tracked through the UK parliament ticks all of those boxes. We reference the specific measures to legally permit:

  • bypassing inquests into deceased persons (Harold Shipman would have really appreciated this legislation) and permitting the cremation corpses that might otherwise provide ‘smoking gun’ evidence of vaccine damage in the event of a private inquest being carried out. (Ref explanatory Note 44) and (Ref Explanatory note 62). The legislation even allows for a funeral director among a list of persons that can give information to register a cause of death and sign the death register (ref explanatory not 187)
  • Should you refuse to be vaccinated then this bill allows for “the detention, isolation and screening of, and other appropriate restrictions to be imposed upon, persons who have or may have coronavirus” (Ref explanatory Note 87). For those of you wondering where they might incarcerate such persons and later cremate them look no further than here:
  • Emergency Temporary registration of nurses and healthcare professionals (explanatory note 116 and 126)e. allowing persons not properly qualified to act in these roles when the qualified staff have all died off from covid vaccinations themselves.
  • In case all of NHS medical staff have died from covid vaccinations themselves it will be important to implement legal provisions to enable the NHS to deputize persons that do not have medical qualifications to keep administering the death jabs (reference clause 34, articles 264 thru 266) so that it will be possible to keep jabbing people with the covid vaccines to ensure they die off as planned.
  • Extension of prescribing powers to pharmacists (explanatory notes 129 thru 133) [so that when too many doctors have died from covid vaccinations, any remaining pharmacists that have not succumbed to covid-19 vaccines can prescribe pharmaceutical drugs – oxycontin anyone?]
  • Compulsory hospitalization for patients with mental disorders: ref explanatory note 154 (i.e. anyone that disagrees with Government policy) and “allowing the period of extension for assessment orders to be increased at the discretion of the court, from 14 days to 12 weeks” (Ref explanatory note 160 clause m)
  • indemnity for clinical negligence liabilities arising from NHS activities: i.e. unqualified persons drafted in to perform frontline NHS roles because of the mass culling of NHS doctors and Nurses via vaccinations shall be indemnified from civil lawsuits for negligence or malpractice. (Ref explanatory notes 164 thru 166)
  • Provisions in the event of collapse of food supply chains (ref clause 23)

Item #5:

Body removal from place of death is an everyday reality and is usually undertaken with discretion by professionals in the field. In light of items nos 1 thru 4 it might interest some people that UK Government / County and district councils have launched 110 lucrative contracts for body removal in the between June 2020 and June 2021 (and you can see those tenders here). In the tender document issued by Bristol Co. Council  (PDF below) we see that contractors should be ready to assist with mass fatalities:

and Westminster City Council published a tender valued at £6,000,000 for temporary body storage and construction of crematorium facilities here: https://bidstats.uk/tenders/2021/W23/752550337 (ref screen shot below)

Item #6:

Scotland Police have issued a tender for provision of shelters for victim identification in the event of a mass fatality incident: or in common parlance they are looking to procure tents as temporary mortuaries.

In summary:

  •  Qualified academics that point out that the so called Covid-19 “vaccines” will kill are censored.
  • The MSM never report of the UK Government’s own yellow card system that at the time of writing records over one million adverse reactions
  • The MHRA are not doing their job and putting a halt to vaccine program and are therefore contributory accessories to manslaughter.
  • The UK put out a tender for an AI system to handle the expected high numbers of adverse reactions
  • Bill HC 122 was fast tracked into law to enable the organ s of state to function smoothly despite the deaths of key employees and to legally bypass checks and balances surrounding inquests; to compulsorily hospitalise persons that disagree with their narrative by certifying them as insane; temporarily register unqualified persons for roles within the NHS.
  • Body removal and storage contracts have been issued across the UK in the event of mass fatalities.

On might be forgiven for thinking that it all sounds like pre-planned depopulation but we’ll let you be the judge.

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