If humanity really is living through a plandemic / scamdemic then who or what is behind it? What could possibly motivate it and what is the end game?

Answer: It’s not covered by any Irish mainstream media outlets but the current plandemic / scamdemic is an enabler of ushering in of a new world order in which the elites will own everything and you will own nothing. Many Irish people will have heard of the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meetings at Davos in Switzerland but have never paid any serious attention. Most have assumed that the event is nothing more than a junket where the elites exchange bromides and platitudes on global initiatives to end world poverty and reverse climate change. The widely held impression is that WEF meetings are a talking shop without any real consequences for anyone but this article will show that unless WEF plans are stopped soon, this widely held assumption will turn out to be the rock we all perish on.

Every year the MSM feed the masses a simplified morality tale in short sound bites as world leaders smile for the cameras at Davos. The fine detail of agendas discussed are never reported and specifically, details of how their plans will affect your lives never make headline news. 

For those of you who are unaware, the World Economic Forum is a public face (one of several) of the globalist agenda whose purpose is the dissolution of Nation States and the ushering in of Global governance. In a prominent public acknowledgment of shared goals, the WEF and the UN signed a strategic partnership in June 2019: https://www.weforum.org/press/2019/06/world-economic-forum-and-un-sign-strategic-partnership-framework/

Though the Irish public at large remain wholly ignorant of these agendas (educate yourselves: its time to get Googling), the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the UN’s Agenda 21 (a UN agenda that the Irish Government has signed up to legally implement) are now being rolled out. It is the implementation of these agendas that are the actual [but unstated] programs that drive policy surrounding covid-19. In the next clip below the Chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwabb, admits that that WEF policy adherents are operating in every Government cabinet in the world. Those adherents are implementing the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”. Notice how Schwab cites, Angela Merkel & Vladimir Putin and as former “Young Global Leaders of the WEF” and of course Leo Varadker is similarly recognised:

WEF chairman Klaus Schwab admits to penetrating all global cabinets:

Truth-Watch.Today is here to inform you that the rollout and implementation of these Agendas are now in full swing and you’re not going to like what they have planned for you and your family.

Recall that TWT has covered the absurdities of Covid restrictions (and the mass- irrationality of the Irish people going along with same (ref: Irrefutable evidence that most Irish people have their heads firmly stuck up their own arses. We have covered The fraud behind Covid-19 testing and presented incontrovertible evidence of Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation (both having a proven track records of eugenics initiatives) having planned this pandemic. We have shown how Governments worldwide have recommended (and most will soon mandate) taking Covid vaccines despite (1) thousands of deaths, (2) hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries and (3) proven effects of infertility and miscarriages  – all facts that the mainstream media so studiously avoid reporting upon. Now TWT will show you that the UN Agenda 21 [aka the Green agenda], The Great Reset and the eugenics agenda enabled by covid vaccines are all the same agenda. Both WEF and the UN Agenda 21 documentation (readily available online for your scrutiny) cite (1)  “unsustainable” economic activity and (2) current human population levels as unsustainable for planet Earth. In case you hadn’t noticed, the WEF’s Great Reset, the UN’s Agenda 21 and the covid hoax are all financed and pushed by the same entities; the very same people that suggest that you should feel guilty for having children because those children will grow up to be leave a carbon footprint that will kill the planet.

(Skeptical? Reference Page 23 of 351 of the UN Agenda 21 document: “growth of population with unsustainable consumption patterns threatening life supporting capabilities of our planet” ….and …“a need to develop strategies to mitigate adverse impact of human activities”.

On page 24 we read that a specific objective of Agenda 21 is “Identifying priority areas for action and developing strategies and programs to mitigate the adverse impact of environmental change on humans populations and vice versa” and this statement sounds perfectly benign until we consider vice versa:

“Identifying priority areas for action and developing strategies and programs to mitigate the adverse impact of human population on the environment….

i.e. one way of mitigating the effect of of human population on the environment is to develop strategies to depopulate the planet..

Bear this in mind as you read on…

Question: Why would Governments urge everyone to take vaccines despite the fact that they are causing injury, sterilization and death? 

Answer: If the vaccines don’t kill you they will at least make you sterile: either way it adds up to the same result: global depopulation – a strategic objective of Agenda 21 as outlined above. Governments even want to give Covid vaccines to children as young as six months old. This is driven by the unstated agenda to sterilize them also. You should also note that children are in no danger from covid-19: the mean age of covid death = 84 years.

Question: Why do Governments insist of the wearing of masks despite scientific evidence to show that they are ineffective in preventing transmission of disease and have been proven to cause a whole host of problems (as outlined in our TWT article: THE [FULLY REFERENCED] TRUTH BEHIND FACE MASKS… – truth-watch.today

Answer: Prolonged wearing of masks causes respiratory illnesses and after a year of not really seeing too many people have serious respiratory illnesses, the elites running the scamdemic will eventually be able to point to those that have acquired respiratory illnesses through prolonged mask wearing and gaslight the public into believing that Covid-19 is getting more visible. That’s why government policy worldwide is that masks are here to stay. 

Question: Why do Governments worldwide insist upon lockdowns despite incontrovertible evidence that they are ineffective at mitigating the spread of disease and have been shown to increase loneliness, social isolation, business closures, job losses and suicide? Why do Governments seem oblivious to killing off exchequer funding via lockdown that bankrupt business and increase unemployment?

Answer: To understand the reasoning behind lockdowns you need to understand the global financial planning behind the Great Reset that is being rolled out worldwide even as you read this article

  • A key tenet and stated objective of the WEF’s Great Reset is planned global governance that implements a system where “you will own nothing and you will be happy”.
  • Citizens of countries the world over will scoff at the idea of the Great Reset and claim that the WEF is talking crap: they will retort that no matter what the elites in the WEF say about their Great Reset, the ‘on the ground reality’ is that people everywhere would reject the the idea of owning nothing as they clearly recognize that it would not make them happy. Furthermore, people across the world would cite the fact that we all live in different countries and those countries would all have to vote in favor of entering the Great Reset and that would never happen because the idea would be rejected by the public in every country.
  • Notwithstanding worldwide antipathy towards the concept of “owning nothing and being happy”, The WEF’s Klaus Schwab nonetheless cites the current pandemic as a window of opportunity to bring about this Great Reset”.

So meditate upon these two questions: if no one of their own volition would buy into the Great Reset as their preferred system of government then

  1. how could the Great Reset ever be brought about into being as a political reality?


2. Why does the WEF’s Klaus Schwab specifically cite the covid-19 pandemic as ‘a rare opportunity to bring about the Great Reset’?


If you think that the world entering the Great Reset over the next 4 to 8 years is just crazy conspiracy theory then you’d better sit up and start paying close attention because Truth-watch.today will prove that this is real but we warn you that this is is where things get academic and you will have to engage in intellectual effort. The effort will be rewarded with a deep insight.

Stay the course and absorb this information in the videos below if you value personal freedom and Irish sovereignty:

Lockdowns are here to stay until the true (unstated) objectives behind them have been achieved. We present a series of videos to give a deep insight into the agenda that underpins ongoing lockdowns. Asa minimum, If you studiously watch the first 4 in sequence and pay extra close attention right to the end of the 4th video you understand a great deal of the true objectives behind ongoing lockdowns.

Be warned:

  • Irish people (not all, but certainly most of them) as a general rule don’t engage in anything that requires intellectual effort but the people that have planned this Great Reset have expended decades of intellectual effort and planning. The scale and scope of the planning is breathtaking.
  • All that you need to do is set aside 30 mins to 1 hour per night and watch the videos linked below. If you do this then you dear reader will finally understand the true reasons and motivations behind this scamdemic 
  • Recall the sort of concentration expected of you in class in an honors leaving cert science lesson or at university: you will have to apply the same level of concentration and intellectual effort to follow these videos to understand how lockdowns facilitate the plan for a great financial reset and the introduction of global governance.  
  • If you don’t sit down and watch these videos (say one per night) and decide to become a part of the solution then you and your children are destined to live in a high-tech feudalism whose goal is not only the economic enslavement of mankind, but the control of your very thoughts.



Item #1: The Great Reset Explained:

The great reset plan revealed: how covid-19 ushers in the new world order

The Irish MSM have never and would never ever report on it but the Great Reset plan has even had an airing on mainstream media in Australia on Sky News below:

The Great Reset in Davos at the forefront of a great deception in the free world

At Truth-watch.today we’re not making anything up: you can verify everything in the above clips for yourself at the World Economic Forum’s own website here

From this point onwards things start to get a little more academic; the next video is an introduction to CBDCs and the video after that will show you how CBDCs are related to lockdowns and the Great Reset. Concentrate and absorb this information…

Item #2 Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC] and the enslavement of mankind:

Item #2 Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC] and the enslavement of mankind:

and now that you know what CBDCs are you would be a damn fool if you don’t get your head out of your a*se and have a closer look at what it means for humanity:

The Great Reset Agenda Revealed…

The Great Reset Agenda Revealed

If despite the above evidence you are still skeptical that global financial elites have planned the covid scamdemic then it is worth considering the attached “COVID-19 STRATEGIC PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE PROGRAM
AND PROPOSED 25 PROJECTS UNDER PHASE 1″ pdf document below from the World Bank. You will notice that on page 5 that although the document was published in April 2020 that the World Bank expects to be involved with Covid-19 until 2025. How on earth do you think they would know that Covid would be with us until 2025? 

Truth-watch.today covers what the Irish mainstream media won’t:

The never-ending variants of covid-19 will be used to justify lockdown after lockdown until all private business have been bankrupted and everyone loses their jobs. As this plays out government leaders everywhere will wring their hands in false sympathy and tell the people that “we are all in this together” and “the government are concerned for your health” as they trot out fraudulent “covid death stats” and “numbers of cases” to maintain fear among the masses (should we have dropped the ‘M’ in masses?).

As more and more people lose their jobs and are placed on one form or other of government living subsistence, Government debt will increase exponentially as exchequer receipts dry up. The Government’s fiscal position will become untenable and cuts to social programs like pensions, healthcare and social welfare will occur as they did in Greece in 2008. Across the world mortgage holders will be unable to pay their mortgages and banking crisis part II will be in full swing but this time the crisis will affect every country worldwide equally and there won’t be any other country where you can travel to find work. This time Central banks around the world will not be willing to bail out local  retail banks like AIB and Bank of Ireland (this pre-planned destruction of retails banks will happen worldwide and plays neatly into the desire to introduce CBDCs as per the video presented above). These banks will all fold with the pre-planned result of economic chaos and the absolute destruction of personal wealth.  Electricity and gas supplies will be cut off as customers will no longer be able to pay and the people, left without both income and a means of exchange, will begin to starve.

(TWT has not added reference to starvation for dramatic effect: section nos 54 thru 58 of Coronavirus (Bill HC Bill 122) enacted into law in the UK in March of this year shows that the UK government clearly expects food shortages and is legislating for same well in advance.)

When local banks for have gone bankrupt, the electronic means that facilitates electronic payments shall have disappeared along with people’s bank deposits. The central banks will then start printing money at a scale never seen before to deliberately create hyperinflation just like Germany’s Weimar Republic before WW2 and with the exact same result: those fortunate enough to still have some cash will find that their cash quickly becomes worthless.

Worldwide, people will be unable to make ends meet. Aggregate demand for goods and services will have failed. Unemployment will occur at an unprecedented scale and it shall occur all over the globe simultaneously. Food shortages, street violence, lawlessness and chaos shall reign supreme.

If the depopulation agenda succeeds via state mandated vaccines, then there will be an excess supply of housing and this coupled with mass unemployment will see the value of property as an asset evaporate. By then the planned absolute destruction of personal wealth worldwide shall have been achieved.

The central banks will then step in with their “magnanimous” endgame deal: if citizens of every country vote for a one world government and to forfeit all individual rights to private property and hand it all over to the bankers, then they will offered debt forgiveness. The elites will tell you that global problems require a global solution: one world government and a universal basic income for all. This offer will be presented with all of the conditionality outlined by the WEF’s Great Reset and a starving populace will eagerly vote for it rather than starve. The conditionality of the Great Reset will simultaneously achieve all of the objectives of Agenda 21 and the planned digital enslavement of mankind under a one world technocratic fuedalism shall have been achieved.

This is why lockdowns are here to stay: they are the chief faciltators of the Great Reset – unless the Irish wake up and say no.

Ask yourself why the Irish mainstream media have not covered the Great Reset or CBDCs? These matters have momentous implications for all Irish people and the  the Irish MSM won’t touch them.

Ask yourself why the fraud behind covid testing has never gotten an airing either?

or the fraudulent death stats?

or why no one in opposition asks any hard questions of the ruling parties?

or why vaccine injuries and deaths?

or miscarriages?

Truth-watch today’s editorial policy is only to report on what the MSM will not and .we cite the proof.

For those of you that are unaware of Agenda 21 (the plan to cull humanity) check out the video below:

Supplemental material:

Planned Global Famine: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/global-famine-why-bioengineered-tiny-humans-for-a-zero-carbon-future_eVZnZAf5gzbxYj7.html

Digital Cash programmed so that Government can control what you are permitted to buy