The implementation of lockdowns that have nothing to do with public health by Dail Eireann have led to loneliness, isolation, loss of job, closure of businesses and many suicides. All TD’s that have voted for these are guilty of contributory manslaughter.

TWT has covered the scale of vaccine injuries and deaths caused through administration of covid-19 so called vaccines. The EU and TD’s in Dail Eireann have voted to justify restrictions on your freedom by voting to implement vaccine passports. This coerces people into taking these vaccines and many have already died through receipt of same. Thus all TD’s that have voted for these are guilty of contributory manslaughter.

Your ideological enemies in Ireland are all of those who perpetuate the covid hoax. These include:

  • All political parties in Dail Eireann
  • Most (but not) all independent Dail deputies
  • The Government’s sycophants in the mainstream Irish Media.
  • The majority of Irish MEPs
  • All of the so called “journalists” within RTE, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The, NEWS TALK etc etc. (i.e. All Irish Mainstream media outlets)

Most TD’s have a below-average grasp of geopolitics at the best of times. Only the chosen few understand the agenda underpinning this scamdemic but some will have empathy and if you can show them that the vaccines that they are promoting are harmful they may just begin to switch sides on the issue. Only if you can threaten them with jail and financial censure will you get their undivided attention. So let’s do exactly that….


We need truthers in every town in Ireland to

  • Print off in hardcopy:
    • All the news media articles that are linked to in this TWT article These are arranged vaccine-by-vaccine and need to be sent by registered mail to each of your local GPs and nurses and anyone else that is administering these shots.
    • Summaries of adverse reaction data from VAERS and MHRA (also provided in should also be printed and included.
    • Once you have printed one set of the above you will need to photocopy several sets sets for distribution to any doctor or nurse in your locality administering these shots.
  • Include a Notice of Liability letter attached below:

The very first recipient should see as they open your registered envelope is the notice of liability letter and underneath this letter should be all of the documents you have printed out as per (1) above.

when the promoters of the covid restrictions:

  • have been made aware of the scale of the vaccine injuries
  • begin receiving notices of legal notices of liability
  • and when court cases are taken against them personally

they will finally start to get nervous because for Irish politicians, self-interest trumps all other interests.

Should any reader of TWT know of anyone that does die following their shot that reader should contact the family and inform them of why they can and most certainly should take a legal case against TDs and journalists that have gas lighted the gullible into taking these so called vaccines.