DEMOCIDE: 3,600 murdered by the Irish State. Corroborating evidence from official sources. Perpertrators named but no one arrested.

A contributor has submitted an open letter that was emailed in January 2022 to the following recipients:

  • All Dail Eireann TD’s & Senators
  • RTE
  • All of the national broad sheet news media
  • Several Irish radio stations.

The letter alleges democide by the Irish State against its own citizens and cites official sources as corroborating evidence.

In the hope of finding at least one Garda willing to do their duty and prosecute the perpetrators, hard copies were also distributed to 20 different Garda stations around the country (PDF of the Garda station addresses is also below). The envelopes contained hard copy of the letter below and USB keys containing the PDFs below.

Since the Gardai have not moved to prosecute the perpetrators, they must also be deemed as accessories to the fact.

Check out the tone of voice of this Garda when taking a statement from this vaccine injured citizen. Does anyone honestly believe that this complaint will be taken seriously, investigated and followed up by the Gardai?