The Art of War was written over 2000 years ago by Sun Tzu, Chinese military general, military strategist, writer and philosopher. It remains one of the most influential works of military strategy ever written and is still on the academic curriculum of military colleges the world over. Since the strategies outlined within The Art of War are being employed against the Irish people it’s time we considered what Sun Tzu has to say in the context of the “Covid-19 war” being perpetrated against us:

  • All warfare is based upon deception.


  • The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Hence to fight and conquer in all of your battles is not supreme excellence but rather, supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting


  • The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy


(and the perpetrators of this war believe that they have put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat – but war is like a game of chess and victory can be snatched from the jaws of defeat).


So does any hope remain for the Irish?

The answer is Yes but we must act quickly:




Then know this: Every person, every politician and governmental and or non-governmental entity that advocates the coronavirus hoax and its attendant restrictions is the ideological enemy. Know this or defeat is certain.

Step #2:

Through bypassing the route of Government propaganda and getting the truth to the people via their employers we break their strategy and through educating the people to the truth we can be assured of victory because as Sun Tzu points out:


So when enough of us say “No” and stand united to defend our rights with the TRUTH as our defence, our strength in numbers becomes the possibility of victory in the attack.


And we can do this without violence or threats of any kind because as Sun Tzu points out:


“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Hence, to fight and conquer in all of your battles is not supreme excellence but rather, supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”


So we re-emphasize:


  • Testing for Covid-19 is wholly fraudulent (up to 97% of “positives” should in fact be negative results) so the unemployment, suicides, vaccine injuries & deaths, loneliness lost businesses etc are all caused by a crime against the Irish people perpetrated upon them by their government and its paid lackeys in the MSM.
  • Covid-19 has not even been isolated as a virus in a laboratory setting. This means that any claims by vaccine manufacturer’s that their vaccines target covid-19 -are fraudulent claims
  • Survivability rates of Covid-19 according to the US Centre for disease control are 99.98 even in the most vulnerable categories of patients
  • Excess deaths in Ireland in year 2020 was only 970 people in the year of a supposed deadly pandemic
  • The vast majority of those dying from Covid-19 have already passed their CSO’s statistical age of life expectancy in Ireland (and it’s the same story worldwide)
  • Clear evidence of pandemic pre-planning years in advance via the (1) Rockefeller document and (2)  “Event 201” dry run held in September 2019.
  • Evidence of the nefarious schemes of Bill Gates and his role in financing the development of technologies that so ‘coincidentally’ find ready application and sudden prospect of profitability in a pandemic he predicted and stands to profit handsomely from.
  • Evidence that the Irish Government walking in lockstep (per Rockefeller document) with:
    • Governments all around the world
    • The EU
    • The UN,
    • The WHO

to lie to you about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and the very existence of Covid-19

  • Evidence that prolonged wearing of facemasks is injurious to your health and will lead to respiratory infections that will be labelled as “covid-19” by our enemies
  • Evidence that covid-19 vaccines are killing and maiming people – as is the planned Agenda 21 globalist depopulation agenda.
  • Evidence that the reason / motivation behind this hideous fraud and crime against humanity is inextricably bound with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Agenda to remove individual rights (specifically: your right to privacy, bodily integrity, freedom of movement, freedom to earn a living, freedom of assembly) and to usher in a cashless society where your every transaction will be traced and a social credit score placed upon same to enable government to incentive complete compliance with their every dictate.
  • Evidence that mainstream media outlets worldwide walk-in lock step to promote:
    • The same lies
    • Taking vaccines that kill and maim
    • Vaccine passports to enable freedom of movement.


In a nutshell, any person or entity that is a proponent of this fraud against your freedoms is your enemy. Would you do business with a person or entity that killed your granny or caused a relative to have permanent paralysis? If the answer is “No” then you’d better understand that as a Nation we need to have nothing to do with any person or entity that propagates this fraud and to “hammer home the obvious” the enemy persons and entities include:

  • Fine Fail ***never vote for any of these traitors ever again***
  • Fine Gael***never vote for any of these traitors ever again***
  • The Labour Party***never vote for any of these traitors ever again***
  • Sinn Fein***never vote for any of these traitors ever again***
  • Aontu***never vote for any of these traitors ever again***
  • People before Profit***never vote for any of these traitors ever again***
  • All independent TD’s and senators that voted for the assaults of our innate freedoms supposedly guaranteed under the Irish Constitution***never vote for any of these traitors ever again***
  • The UN ***disassociate Ireland from this entity***
  • The WHO***disassociate Ireland from this entity***
  • The EU***disassociate Ireland from this entity***
  • The World Economic Forum***disassociate Ireland from this entity***
  • RTE ***disband, defund and abolish. Prosecute journalist as accessories to death by doctor***
  • The Irish Times ***Prosecute journalists as accessories to accessories to death by doctor***
  • The Irish Independent ***Prosecute journalists as accessories accessories to death by doctor***
  • All Irish Mainstream media outlets ***Prosecute journalists as accessories to accessories to death by doctor***

So what Political entities are left to represent you and restore your freedoms in the face of this tyranny? You have only two options:

  • The Irish Freedom Party
  • The Irish National Party

Looking at both party’s respective manifestos you will see very little difference between them save that the former advocates leaving the EU entirely and the latter advocates an adversarial stance towards EU.

Pre-covid-19 one could be forgiven for taking the Irish National party perspective and remain within the EU to accrue the free trade advantages of this arrangement but in light of Covid-19 it has become apparent that the EU is a globalist actor hell- bent upon implementing the Great reset agenda, Truth-Watch.Today would not be surprised if the Irish National Party becomes a pro-Irexit party like the Irish Freedom Party.

Truth-Watch.Today points out that in light of current events the Irish people would fare better even if they were governed by political party comprised of a bunch of economically illiterate ex-school teachers and village idiots whose only redeeming feature was that they  are wholly committed to restoring our freedoms than governed by any the currently elected Dail Deputies. Since the Irish Freedom and National Parties are the only political entities that have consistently called out this “scamdemic” for what it really is from the outset, then the Irish people have no choice but to throw their entire weight behind one or the other or both parties.

Moreover, Patriots must come forward, join one of these parties and stand under one of their banners for election.  If you don’t then, according to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Agenda,  by 2030 you will “own nothing and be happy” (or else) if Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset psycho / sociopaths have their way (and that assumes you will not have succumbed to mRNA vaccine induced cytokine storm and die in the mean time).

Ireland needs a new patriotism and that new patriotism has nothing to do with Republican / Unionist ideologies: People on either side of those fault lines should realize that there will be no Republic of Ireland and there will be no United Kingdom to cling to when the Great reset has been implemented. The inhabitants of this island need to wake up and realize that the end game of this plan is of this is Global Governance and musings on tri-colours and union jacks won’t matter a damn when Global Governace is a reality. The new global flag will be the UN flag and the world population will all be serfs living under a high tech neo feudalism.

Remember: disavows violence in any / all its forms and so should you. We encourage peaceful non-compliance with the Government and medical tyranny now being foisted upon the Irish people. We urge you to recall that one of the most resounding defeats of a global superpower in the pantheon of human history occurred when Mahatma Gandhi, a poor man with few earthly possessions saw off the might of the British empire, then the world’s largest superpower, with nothing more than mobilization of his people into peaceful non-compliance with ruling authority. Truth-Watch.Today hopes to achieve the same result through education of the Irish people.

Unconvinced? Why not put to the test?  We cite our sources at every turn via embedded hyperlinks so that you can verify the Truth of our content for yourselves.

Financial Independence: Truth-Watch.Today does not seek financial reward for our labor: we are not in anyone’s pocket and stand as a truly independent media outlet.

We do what we do because we care about you. There’s nothing more to it.

Compare Truth-Watch.Today with the Mainstream media and ask who exactly pays their wages? Have you noticed that the mainstream media’s editorial bias reflects the opinion of their paymasters?