If you are in danger of losing / have already lost your job or business due to Covid-19 lockdowns it may interest you to know that the Covid-19 virus has never been isolated in a laboratory and you have lost your job / or are about to because of a collosal lie pretreated upon humanity.

(TWT covers the real reason behind lockdowns here: https://truth-watch.today/?p=1762)

As the threat of future lockdowns looms on account of the supposed covid variants stalking the land you should take this reality onboard: if the original virus has never been isolated there is no way of proving that “variants” and “strains” of covid-19 even exist. In the midst of all of the B.S. from the MSM a gullible and suggestible public are expected to believe that the seasonal flu, with humanity from time immemorial, has disappeared completely and that those with symptoms of cough / cold/ runny nose and flu are in fact a biohazard threat to humanity.

We’re not making any of this up: Truth-watch.today presents the evidence for your inspection.

For all of year 2020 we were told that a new novel coronavirus has been killing tens of thousands of people, and we all need to wear masks, close businesses and to stay home and now we are told that this disease has mutated into “The English Strain”, the “South African Strain”, the Kent variant, the Brazilian strain, the Indian variant etc

In 2021 we are told that mutations of the covid virus present an ongoing threat to humanity and these threats may be used to justify ongoing lockdowns.

But how can it be the case that such mutated strains have been confirmed since Christmas 2020 when the original SARs-CoV2 strain has never been isolated by anyone in a laboratory?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “. . .  no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available . . .”

That’s right.  No quantified virus isolates.  None.

The Food and Drug Administration, in a publication outlining Centres for Disease Control (CDC) Testing protocols, admits this in writing.

Within a CDC publication titled “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel”  (Click on above PDF for source data) we read:

Tells potential testing laboratories:

No quantified virus isolates for Covid-19 exist.

The virus for which they shut down the World economy to protect citizens against and for which they have supposedly developed vaccinations to target has never been isolated. This is the fraud this that the Irish Government have used as justification deny you your constitutional freedoms, i.e.

  1. Freedom to earn a living
  2. Freedom to travel 
  3. Freedom of assembly (freedom to protest)
  4. Freedom of speech (you can’t criticise their narrative)
  5. Freedom of bodily integrity (wear a mask or be fined)

And just so you know, mankind has 100+ years’ experience of isolating viruses

Medical science has known for over a hundred years, exactly, precisely how to isolate a bacteria or virus to determine if it is, in fact, the precise infectious pathogen causing harm.   This is done by following a process known as Koch’s Postulates.

 In 1890 the German physician and bacteriologist Robert Koch set out his celebrated criteria for judging whether a given pathogen (bacteria or virus) is the cause of a given disease. Koch’s criteria brought some much-needed scientific clarity to what was then a very confused field.

Koch’s postulates are as follows:

  • The pathogen must be present in every case of the disease.
  • The pathogen must be isolated from the host with the disease and grown in pure culture or other suitable medium.
  • The specific disease must be reproduced when a pure culture of the pathogen is inoculated into a healthy susceptible host.
  • The pathogen must be recoverable from the experimentally-infected host.

Koch’s postulates are still THE benchmark in judging whether there is a cause-and-effect relationship between a pathogen and a clinical disease.

Sadly, as of today, NOT ONE laboratory anywhere on this planet has successfully performed Koch’s Postulates upon the so-called novel coronavirus which allegedly causes COVID-19.

What we have seen with the outbreak of the sickness called COVID-19, is a knee jerk reaction by the medical community, and a wholesale series of lies and distortions by public health officials, to wrongly deprive us of our freedoms, our livelihoods, our businesses and our recreation.

This COVID-19 situation is likely the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon humanity.


Ireland’s HSE cannot find any proof that Covid-19 has been isolated either: https://www.bitchute.com/video/5qjWmbJKfTKS/

and China hasn't isolated the virus either as the next clip illustrates...

Maybe you find it surprising that SARS-COV-2 has never been isolated in a lab? But what ever happened to SARS-COV-1?

Journalist Torsten Engelbrecht and medical doctor Klaus Kohnlein (Authors of Virus Mania) wrote on several occasions to the Robert Koch Institute In Germany to request that they

  • Provide the names of the studies that conclusively show that the SARS-Cov-1 virus has been proved to exist (complete purification, isolation and definition of biochemical properties plus electron micrographs)
  • Provide the names of the studies that indisputably show that SARS-COV-1 causes disease

to date they have not been given the name of a single study.

Back then, same as now, Big Pharma sold Billions in vaccines to target a disease that was never isolated in a lab and the public bought the lie.

Check that out in the clip below

and there’s even a large prize for anyone that isolates Covid-19:


and you can see the same FOI request made in Canada with the same response here: https://archive.ph/UHZ4v

Still sceptical? Well the Measles is another ‘virus’ that has not been isolated either (and you can read about that here) but the fact that it has never been isolated hasn’t posed any impediment to pharmaceutical companies from claiming that they have vaccines that targets a measles virus…. And measles isn’t the only fraud: many vaccines were brought into the market to fight all but wiped out diseases (a fact known to vaccine sceptics for years) and you can read all about in this Daily Mail article  here

Meditate on the above information and its implications…..

Since Covid-19 fraud is just the latest fraud predicated upon the latest virus that has never been isolated in a lab, ask yourself how these people know that the virus has mutated into “The English Strain”, the “South African Strain”, the Kent variant, the Brazilian strain, the Indian variant etc. when the original strain of SARS-COV2 or its supposed predecessor SARS-COV1 has never been isolated in a lab?