WHO influence over how deaths are recorded and “certified as Covid-19” on death certificates:WHO signatory countries are obliged to comply with WHO rules on recording deaths attributed to Covid-19 and within those guidelines we read the following astounding statement:

Televised admission of faking Death cert to Dail Special Committee?

Scrolling forward to 14mins + 38 seconds into “ this clip “of  Dail committee TD Michael McNamara asking Dr. John Cuddihy whether deaths that clearly ought to have been attributed to heart attack, stroke or falling off of a building for a person that has tested positive for Covid-19 is recorded as that person having died of Covid-19? 

[Note that Dr Cuddihee does not give a straight answer]:

Dr John Cuddihy: “we adhere to the WHO case definition in terms of the recording and reporting of death so in the situation you describe where someone has a positive covid test, then it is a death in a confirmed covid case but such a case would be subject to a coroner’s report as well and as part of the ongoing validation of the data in our surveillance system we would take additional details in relation to….

TD Michael McNamara: OK but a coroner’s report takes a very long time to make its way through the system so for now they are recorded as a covid death but it may be that they are taken off that list at a later date, is that what you are saying?

Dr Cuddihy: “that’s it exactly”

[which dovetails perfectly with the strategy on autopsies]:


and the above information dovetails perfectly with the convenient strategy on Covid-19 autopsies….

‘Inconvenient autopsy results’ might lessen the Covid fatality rate? So let’s not have them…

Postmortems done on just five confirmed covid-19 fatalities  (now that’s convenient!)



The fact that WHO rules on recording deaths attributed to Covid-19  allow for the reporting of presumed / assumed cases of Covid-19 is further repeated in the same document here:


NOTE: In the lower paragraph above we read both that “virus identified and virus not identified are both suitable for cause of death coding”……

i.e.  Deaths that are either “verified” [by PCR test] or ‘assumed’ to be from Covid-19 are certified as Covid-19 on death certificates. These certified deaths are then reported to the Media who then report them to the Irish people.


NHS Doctor says you can Trust Covid Death certs – read all about it here


Most of the Irish people just can’t get their heads around the difference between what the Government describe as someone who died with covid (i.e. has had a false positive PCR test) and someone that has actually died from / of Covid. Fear mongering propaganda is relentlessly peddled and you can read a disgraceful example right here

Legal challenge pending against the Irish state for Faking Death Certificates? Professor Delores Cahill claims that CSO admitted Zero Deaths from Coronavirus at Trafalgar Square rally.

The speech transcript is below but you can listen yourself on this clip

“We were writing to the Doctors in the department of health and saying “who is signing the death certs?” OK because, you see to solve this problem, this is a global problem, you have to actually lay the problem down at an actual doctor who is a person, or the minister or the prime minister who is in Ireland Micheal Martin or Boris Johnson, so we were writing in saying “who is signing the death certs?” and the Doctors were saying “it’s not us go to the Department of Health…The Department of Health was saying the General Register’s Office but it turns out that in Ireland the responsibility lies with the Coroners, and those Coroners there’s an Act and if they don’t do an autopsy and they don’t do their job and question a diagnosis of Covid-19 the coroners can go to prison and the crime is malfeasance and in the UK its ten years in prison………so what we’ve done in Ireland, people have written to the coroners and they were telling us sadly the deaths were 1,700 but we have been writing since May and now in the last week the Central statistics office in Ireland has come because we laid the responsibility at their door and they said that the total number of people in Ireland that died of Coronvirus in November, December, January, February and March 2020 is guess how many people?  Zero. Zero Zero”.

Worldwide faking of Death Certificates…

And of course fraudulent citing of Covid-19 on Death certificates is happening worldwide to further stoke the sense of fear and panic among the masses: In the clips below:

  • The CDC admitting that most people certified to have died of Covid actually died of other causes
  • An Italian politician citing death cert manipulation, ie. that 96.3% of covid deaths died from other causes
  • French and US medical professionals admitting that most people certified to have died of Covid actually died of other causes
  • and some doctors have even been coached on how to fill in Covid-19 death certs: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kb1grDQVT8L2/
  • and more from the US: https://www.bitchute.com/video/p72InlQqZXTX/

and there’s a lot more doctors calling out the death certificate scam on the internet for those who care to search….



and on June 28th 2021:

A Lisbon court ruled that only 0.9% of those the Portuguese government had claimed died of Covid had really died of Covid