WHO pulls the strings…?

(not a question but rather a statement of fact)

Question: But surely the Irish Government is a sovereign independent country and makes its own laws. How is it possible that an unelected body such as the WHO could have any substantial influence on how the Irish Government makes its policy decisions?

Answer: The Irish Government is a signatory to the constitution of the WHO and to the WHO’s International Health Regulations (2005). The evidence that the WHO wrote the playbook on how Government’s should respond to Pandemics is clearly written in the WHO policy document:  Ethical considerations in developing public health response to pandemic influenza (cited here and published way back in 2007). The wording of the WHO recommendations within that document are by now all too familiar to us all when we read:

Social-distancing measures: A range of community-based measures to reduce contact between people (e.g. closing schools or prohibiting large gatherings). Community-based measures may also be complemented by adoption of individual behaviours to increase the distance between people in daily life at the worksite or in other locations (e.g. substituting phone calls for face-to-face meetings, avoiding hand-shaking).


“How can surveillance, isolation, quarantine and social-distancing measures be undertaken in a way that respects ethical norms?”


“In addition, the implementation of public health measures aimed at limiting social interaction (such as restrictions on gatherings and population movements) are likely to have a major impact on trade and tourism”


“Measures that limit individual rights and civil liberties must be necessary, reasonable, proportional, equitable, non-discriminatory, and in full compliance with national and international laws.”


countries should develop core capacities for public health surveillance and response that comply with the international legal obligations in the framework of the International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005 (12). They should also review existing public health laws to ensure that they  provide authority for appropriate actions that might be necessary in the event of a public health emergency; clearly delineate the procedures that must be followed to institute particular public health measures”


“Plans related to travel restrictions and border controls should accord with the WHO recommendations (5, annex 1) for each stage of a pandemic and be adaptable to evolving international recommendations;”


“Plans related to the isolation of symptomatic individuals and quarantine of their contacts should • be voluntary to the greatest extent possible (see Box 4); mandatory measures should only be instituted as a last resort, when voluntary measures cannot reasonably be expected to succeed, and the failure to institute mandatory measures is likely to have a substantial impact on public health”

So there can be little doubt that the WHO is behind the measures seen in Ireland and internationally




Step #1: Get this information out there:

At a minimum you need to both:

  • email all of your email contacts and
  • share on social media with all of your social media contacts

the above article by sending is both TWT web page url  address and the link to archived version of the web page.

Note: TWT probably won’t be online for long because the authorities will no doubt pressure TWT’s web site host to take TWT offline and it’s also possible that your social media account(s) may be frozen because you send out this information

Therefore in order to beat big tech censorship, if you send out both the TWT URL and the archived version of this page,  the TWT message can still get out there via the archived copy of the webpage even if the TWT website is taken down.


Step #2: Get actively involved and stop waiting for Superman to show up – you need to become the superhero so get involved. Remember this lesson:

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand-fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956


Lesson #1: Understand the value of Anti-lockdown Demonstrations:

We’ve all seen mass demonstrations over the years and their value, if they have any at all, is that they enable both sides to measure each other’s strength in numbers. Generally the matter being protested is ignored by Government which instead expedites plans to militarise the police force to quell those pesky citizens that think they ought to have rights. Prominent recent examples of government-ignored protests include.

Government-Ignored: Back in 2017 a whopping 92% of Catalonians voted for independence from Spain and most of them took to the streets of Barcelona to show force of numbers but they were ignored by both Spain and the much beloved can do no wrong EU

Government-Ignored: Mass protests against Chinese rule in Hong Kong in 2020 – not a whisper of censure on this matter for China from Dail deputies or indeed the ongoing expunging of a million Uighur people’s culture through re-education camps.

Government-Ignored: Several months of yellow vest protests in France with strong numbers on the streets across all French cities


Lesson #2 Understand the ineffectiveness of writing to TDs and Senators in Dail Eireann.


Ignored: Many contributors to Truth-Watch.Today have already emailed / or written in hardcopy much of the data on this website to Dail Eireann TDs and senators and if any response at all is received is always an automated bounce back email along the lines of:

“A chara,

I get loads of emails and I as soon as I get a chance to work through them to deal with your I will get back to you…”

So what do we try next?


Truth-Watch.Today’s Employers Action Plan:

Upstanding Irish Citizens with the deepest personal and professional integrity, empathy for their fellow citizens and a love of this country have campaigned ad-nauseum over the last 12 months to contact both Dail Eireann politicians and the mainstream media to inform them of the Truth behind the deceit of Covid-19 and barely even received so much as an acknowledgement for their trouble. Employers and the business community have sounded dire warnings for the consequences of lockdowns and the all too predictable jobs losses that would result.  We freedom campaigning activists have discovered that Dail Eireann politicians and the mainstream media have other masters and remain intent upon ignoring us. Our fate does not matter to them and as we lose our livelihoods they have voted to have pay rises themselves. We must deal with the reality that no help for us shall come from them.

Some of us have tried legal challenges and found justice deaf and blind to our pleas. We have found out the hard way that we cannot rely on help from politicians or the legal system.

In conclusion: The Irish people themselves and not the politicians are the only solution remaining now. There is no point in “waiting for Superman” because he won’t ever arrive so Truth-Watch.Today was set up to help every Irish Citizen to become the Super Hero

The solution is down to You, yes I’m pointing at you, You need to do your part and become the Superhero.

But how can this be done?

The transmission of Government propaganda works like this:

MEDITATE ON THIS FACT: It has not even occurred to the majority of people that their Government and their paid lackeys in the mainstream media have lied to them for over a year or that this method of propaganda transmission is wholly false and untrustworthy. The Government have firm control over this method of propagating news so we the people need to use other methods that are not subject to Government intrusion or the censorship of Big-Tech.


We freedom campaigners need to use alternative channels to reach the Irish population, shatter their cognitive dissonance and make them come to terms with the TRUTH. To do this we need to show them some very scary evidence that Dail Eirean and NPHET have been lying to them all along. Once the penny drops and the employees realize that they have been lied to they’ll want to know what other lies have been told to them and Truth-Watch.Today was created exactly for this purpose.

Question: How do we do this?

Answer: we use Irish Employers to transmit the truth to their employees.

Since lockdowns began 600,000 Irish people (and still counting) have lost their jobs and countless businesses have been lost to bankruptcy. Leo Varadker has not ruled out a 4th lockdown next winter and that surely will finish the rest of the private sector. With no employers left to work for and masses left on the dole the Globalists will execute the next phase of their plan and cut off financial credit lines to the Government. Social programs like dole must be cut and the people left to starve. When the people have no other choice they will accept a new world order that involves turning over all private property to the elites (even property that has already been paid for).

It is by now blindingly obvious that the people will not listen to any alternative news outlets of their own volition but if their employers call a staff meeting they, as employees, will have attend and they will have to sit through what their employers have lined up for them.

Truth Watch Today articles “What Your Government does not want you to know about vaccines (Part nos 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) needs to be shown to all employees. The shocking videos, the vaccine damage, the vaccine deaths must be made clear to the employees.

Only if the employers get involved and call these staff meetings will the population be made to sit down and tune in to the TRUTH-feed that Truth -Watch.Today has provided for them

The employer needs to point out to their employees that under health and safety legislation they are duty bound to provide a safe place of work for their employees. They should point out that they are concerned about having to mandate having a jab that could permanently injure or even kill them. In light of the clear danger posed to the health and welfare of employees and to their families by these vaccines and the employer needs to ask them whether they are comfortable with having their employer foist a  “no jab no job policy” upon them? Let’s see the fear in their faces when they see this data and the movie footage of same provided.

The employer can then move on to show the Tuth-watch.Today article on the Truth surrounding Face Masks and the video at the end on the damage increased CO2 levels pose to them and their families and ask how they feel about continued Government mandates in this area? To finish off the employers can go through the “Head out of Arse” article. Such staff meetings alone should make all of the employees curious enough to read the rest of the [fully source data cited] articles posted by  Truth.Watch-Today and then the employers will have done their part break the cycle of government lies. All around the country, employees will leave these staff meetings and  transmit Truth-Watch.Today to their friend and relatives and so in the end the Truth will out and Government and oppistion parties all be thrown out

Employers have far more to lose than PAYE employees: if an employer goes bankrupt, he / she is on the hook for paying back creditors for 6 years. A PAYE employee only needs to go on the dole and hope to be hired again. It is in their own commercial and patriotic interest to get on board and to do their part


Truth-Watch.Today offers Employers the lifeline they have been waiting for this past year.

Truth-Watch.Today calls on all Employers to perform their patriotic duty and to do their part because when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty.

If you do nothing then your businesses will fail and we will all live under a high tech feudalism within the next ten years (at the very latest)


How can the authorities make this plan Fail?

Truth-Watch.Today’s employers action plan to resist the crime against the Irish people perpetrated by globalist actors singularly represents the most dangerous resistance to their schemes that they have yet seen. We all know that the usual tactics will speedily be rolled out: Google will ensure that Truth-Watch.Today will not show up on search engine results. Facebook, Twitter and all of the usual Big Tech will censor Truth-Watch.Today from their platforms. Vested powerful interests will bring pressure to bear upon Truth-Watch.Today’s website host to cease hosting this website….but that should not be the end if patriots step forth…


So here’s how we beat their censorship and keep the TRUTH-FEED coming back again and again and again and again…

Usually when you share / forward a link to a website or web page you just forward the URL address. If the website gets taken down the information is lost forever. We can’t afford to let Truth-Watch.Today be lost forever so on each of Truth-Watch.Today’s articles we post a link to a web-archived copy of the article. All Irish Citizens should send themselves these archived links. The text and embedded URL links can then be copy-pasted from the archived web page and back into a word document. Any Irish Citizen at all can then (and most certainly should) watch a Youtube video about how to host a WordPress website (no programming experience necessary these days) and then, using the archived Truth-Watch.Today articles as a basis,  set up clone websites – lots of them if necessary. It matters not what you call the clone websites – what matters is (1) that the Truth-Watch.Today message gets out there and stays out there and (2) the resistance to this tyranny be a grass roots movement: Like the yellow vests this movement should not have any discernable leader but should be comprised of the citizenry at large. The Truth-Watch.Today website clones will be created by such citizens.


Come on People: Let’s take these fuckers down and when they fall, then let’s take a few days to hold the biggest national party in living memory and then after that lets unpick the traitors from the system and put cast iron legal measures in place ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again.