As a necessary preamble for illustrative purposes, consider this fictitious Kilkenny serial killer scenario: Three elderly gentlemen disappear over the space of three consecutive weekends in Kilkenny at various times estimated between 10:00pm and midnight. None of the men had anything in common per se save that they were all aged in their 80’s; each was managing a pre-existing health condition and all of the men were in the habit of venturing out to quiet bars in the town for one or two pints on a Saturday night before getting a taxi home. Within days of each disappearance RTE News reports would confirm that the deceased bodies of all three men had been discovered on the outskirts of the town by Gardai assisted by volunteer search teams at various locations. The state pathologist attended all these locations would later confirm that all three of the men had been murdered. A serial killer was at large in Kilkenny. The Gardai wasted no time in putting a team of investigators on the case and quickly traced each victim’s last movements in the town. Examination of CCTV footage from three different bars in the town centre clearly showed that each one of the men had been socialising in the town centre on the nights of their respective disappearances. In a plea for further information from the public, the Gardai collaborated with RTE and aired a Crime Line special. Recorded scenes from the final hours of each man’s life were shown. Viewing each segment of CCTV footage, none could fail to notice that each segment had one thing in common: the clips clearly showed that all three men were seen engaged in conversation with the very same man on the nights of their disappearances and subsequent murders. The man they were speaking with looked to be about 35-40 years old and was distinctive in appearance as he wore an eye patch. Having examined the unique set of circumstances involved in each victim’s respective disappearance and subsequent murder, it did not take a genius to determine that the man with the eye patch was the only common factor in all these cases. Concerned members of the public telephoned Crime Line to ask if the Gardai were investigating the man with the eye patch as a suspect and if they had brought him in for questioning.

The Garda Commissioner replied to caller queries on Crime Line to say that: “Garda policy is to rule out all other possibilities before bringing the man with the eye patch, who happens to be a medical doctor, into Kilkenny Garda station for questioning: there is no certain connection between the deaths of the three victims and the man with the eye patch, it may be a coincidence that he happened to be conversing with each victim on the night of his death, but we aren’t sure. As things stand, the official position is that the Gardai are scratching their heads looking for leads in this very complex case”.

The commissioner further added that “all of the victims were elderly with underlying health conditions and were in all likelihood near the end of the natural lifespans anyway and that the Gardai were not alarmed by their deaths”.

Consider this: if the above fictitious scenario had happened then:

  • there would have been a deafening public outcry and a demand that the Garda Commissioner be sacked immediately.
  • Matt Cooper, Ivan Yates, the team at Newstalk and all of the others current affairs pundits on radio /  TV would be all over the story. All of them would castigate the Gardai for their ineptitude.
  • The front pages of all of the daily newspapers would be dominated by the latest scandal to hit An Garda Siochana.
  • Condemnation of the Gardai would be on every citizens lips.
  • Public indignation would be at fever pitch as it appeared that the man in the footage was somehow untouchable by the law and would escape justice.


Nothing Crazy so far right? Now contrast the above fictional narrative with the following factual events that involve ten times the number of deaths:


FACT: Steiner Madsen had the temerity to state that ‘Clearly Covid is far more dangerous to most patients than vaccination. We are not alarmed.’

  • FACT: The Daily Mail article the goes on to say that “determining whether or not the vaccine caused deaths can be very challenging and requires that all other potential causes be ruled out first”.

The above scenario is a matter of historical record: it has happened and

  • FACT: there has not been a deafening public outcry to demand that the medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA) be sacked immediately.
  • FACT: Current affairs pundits on radio and TV ignore the story. None of them castigate the medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA) for
  • FACT: Front pages of all of the daily newspapers are not dominated by this scandal
  • FACT: Condemnation of the medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA) is wholly absent from every citizen’s lips.
  • FACT: Public indignation is absent as the vaccine manufacturers and the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA)untouchable by the law and will escape justice.

While the general public queued up for Covid-19 vaccinations in year 2020 in the hope of having their former freedoms restored they did not consider that should they themselves suffer a vaccine injury, the official position taken by Government will be adversarial and (i.e. just as it says in the Daily Mail Article) “determining whether or not the vaccine caused deaths can be very challenging and requires that all other potential causes be ruled out first”. The care home deaths happened quickly but a phenomenon known as antibody dependent enhance (aka pathogenic priming) will kill many of the vaccinated: In May 2020 Professor Dolores Cahill’s May-2020 warned of death following receipt covid mRNA vaccines that would likely occur 6-12 months after the vaccine.

Check this out for yourself: Delores Cahill explains 31 mins in: 

and you can read the supporting medical journal articles referenced by Delores Cahill here:

In general the Irish public it would seem don’t do much critical thinking so in the interests of saving them from Government tyranny, Truth-Watch. Today was set up to convey the facts surrounding Covid-19 that the mainstream media won’t touch. The eight takeaway points from this story that the Irish Citizenry needs to take on board are:

  • The only common factor in these 33 deaths was that all the deceased had only just been vaccinated – plain and simple.
  • The people investigating the causality of the deaths are people with a financial interest in manufacturing or administering the vaccines. The Police are not investigating.
  • Just because the deceased were elderly and with underlying conditions does not mean it was OK to bump them off via administration of vaccine. If it were any other set of circumstances charges of manslaughter or murder would be brought.
  • Norwegian Health authorities have rejected covid vaccination as a causal factor: “they must rule out all other causes first” – and the public continues to buy this bullshit.
  • The HSE and your government will reject vaccine injury as a causal factor when you or your loved one’s suffer vaccine injury: they are the one’s telling you how safe these vaccines are every day. They are the one’s propagating the lie that these vaccines have been “approved” by regulators when in fact these vaccines have only been given emergency use approval [by the FDA] and conditional marketing approval [by the EU] while trails still continue.
  • When you or your loved one take your vaccine injury compensation case to court you can expect the government to line up unscrupulous “expert witnesses” like Steiner Madsen to testify against you and these expert witnesses tell the court that “There is no certain connection between these deaths and the vaccine”.
  • Unless you are a high-ranking medical academic yourself, they’ll say that you are unqualified to make the judgement that the vaccine was a causal factor. They will direct you to defer to the advice of the experts.
  • Meditate on this: Government have justified Covid restrictions in the name of saving elderly but when the elderly die of Covid vaccinations they don’t give a damn and then they’ll tell you the death was caused by “a pre-existing underlying condition” and certainly nothing to do with vaccine or death by doctor.
  • Meditate on this: Is your elderly relative is in a care home? You will not be free to visit your relative in that care homes because of covid restrictions these deaths will be easy to cover up. You’ll just have to take their word for what happened.
  • The adverse reactions are real and you can check out them video below on Brand new Tube here: or look for yourself on the VAERS website.

Questions for the reader:

  • Do you plan to wake up and pull your head from out of your own a**e any time soon?
  • Do the above truths make you angry? (because if you are not angry then you are part of the national problem and Government and medical tyranny is a certainty)
  • Do you plan to stop complying with this tyranny by actively spreading this information to others?

Some necessary background perspective:


To understand how to permanently stop the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, we must first consider some realities pertaining to the knowledge of Irish medical professionals and the conditions of their employment. Once we understand these, the plan to tackle the problem becomes obvious. We begin by presenting these insights:


A UK example: Beginning from 1min and 4 seconds into this clip we hear an NHS vaccine specialist speak out about the wholesale lack of knowledge among colleague doctors, nurses and even medical specialists surrounding the dangers of Covid-19 vaccines, vaccine ingredients and the scale of adverse reactions.

An Irish Example: A recent Facebook post told the story of how an Irish person attended a local GP’s practice to request a medical exemption from requiring a covid-19 vaccination citing justification for the exemption upon the following bases:

Justification #1: All covid-19 vaccines have been given emergency use approval only: None had completed clinical trials and, even when their respective ongoing clinical trials have been completed (somewhere between 2022 to 2024 depending on the vaccine), all of these trials will have skipped the usual animal trials. This made the patient nervous. The patient did not want to be coerced into injecting an untested vaccine into her blood stream to enable her to keep her job.

Justification #2: The patient was already taking medication for a serious a pre-existing condition and pointed out that clinical studies had not been carried out to determine the safety of covid ‘vaccine’ when taken in combination with the medication that the patient was already taking.

Justification #3: The patient present hardcopy printouts to her GP showing the overwhelming evidence of vaccine injury that the media will not publish, these printouts included:

  1. US vaccines adverse event reporting system data
  2. EU vaccine adverse events data and
  3. MHRA / public health England data.

At the time of her GP visit, this data clearly showed 167,000 in the EU alone experiencing serious adverse reactions. She pointed out that tens of thousands in the EU experienced serious adverse reactions in a manner that exactly mirrored her pre-existing medical condition. She asked her GP if she agreed that these adverse events were of concern since her health had already been significantly compromised by a similar pre-existing condition that has had her hospitalized in the past. Moreover, there had been circa 3150 EU deaths of vaccine recipients soon after having vaccine. The GP was incredulous i.e., the GP doubted that what she was being told was even true: i.e., she had only heard of the 78 blood clot deaths widely reported on the MSM and was astounded to hear that 3150 deaths and 167,000 adverse events had been reported in the EU.

Thereafter the encounter with the GP becomes like something out of a Franz Kafka novel: Despite the evidence presented, the GP still claimed that the vaccines were “safe”. The patient asked her if she would be happy to tell the relatives of the thousands of vaccine dead and vaccine maimed that these vaccines were safe? The GP said that the “benefits outweighed the risks” and again she was asked if she would be happy to say that to the relatives of the thousands of vaccine dead and vaccine maimed? The GP then told the patient that she would “never find an Irish Doctor that would write a letter of exemption because all Irish doctors are in one way or another on the payroll of the HSE and the HSE recommended the vaccines, and no doctor would go against the HSE”.

The nub of the problem:

  1. In the context of Covid-19 vaccinations most medical professionals prefer to:
    1. Abdicate their ethical, professional, and moral responsibilities.
    2. Outsource medical opinion to government agencies
    3. Administer the vaccines as instructed.
  2. Though many doctors are ignorant of the scale of vaccine injuries, those that are aware can claim “plausible deniability” in a court of law i.e., they can deny knowledge of vaccine injuries and claim that they have been relying on the same MSM outlets for their information as the rest of the population and therefore claim ignorance of the scale of vaccine injuries.
  3. All Irish medical professionals are in one way or another on the payroll of the HSE and no doctor wants to ‘bite that hand that feeds them’ or suffer any risk to their respective licenses to practice by raising any concerns that run contrary to the prevailing narrative that the vaccines are not causing harm.

Truth-Watch.Today’s Medical Entrapment Plan:  


We need truthers in every town in Ireland to

  • Print off in hardcopy:
    • All the news media articles that are linked to in this TWT article These are arranged vaccine-by-vaccine and need to be sent by registered mail to each of your local GPs and nurses and anyone else that is administering these shots.
    • Summaries of adverse reaction data from VAERS and MHRA (also provided in should also be printed and included.
    • Once you have printed one set of the above you will need to photocopy several sets sets for distribution to any doctor or nurse in your locality administering these shots.

The intent is that any medical professional engaged in administering these shots need only read the headlines of each article to get the general idea that these vaccines are indeed causing harm. Once you have served them with the evidence, they can no longer deny in a court of law that they were ignorant of the harm caused by these vaccines – the legal liability trap has now been sprung. Any vaccines administered following receipt of these documents is a vaccine administered despite clear knowledge of harm to patients. A conviction on these grounds is enough to get them struck off the medical register and to have their licenses to practice revoked.

  • Include a Notice of Liability letter:

The very first thing the doctor or nurse should see as they open your registered envelope is the notice of liability letter and underneath this letter should be all of the documents you have printed out as per (1) above.

Once GPs have been made aware of the scale of the vaccine injuries and begin receiving notices of liability,

they will start to get nervous and should any reader of TWT know of anyone that does die following their shot that reader should contact the family and inform them of why they can and should take a legal case against the doctor or nurse. Once these cases start in earnest doctors won’t want to administer the jabs. They will not be able to deny knowledge of vaccine injury in court if you and other truthers can testify that you sent them the data. Then they will be guilty of premeditated malpractice and struck off the medical register.

The letter that should accompany of the evidence of vaccine injury and death is as follows:

Dear [enter the GPs name here],

FYI: Covid-19 mRNA vaccines do not meet the medical definition of a vaccine; they are gene untested therapy

The intent of this communication is:

  • to formally present you with the enclosed evidence of injury and death caused to hundreds of thousands of patients through receipt of covid-19 ‘vaccines’ and
  • that in light of your receipt of this evidence you will not be able to deny knowledge of such injuries in a court of law
  • through administering Covid ‘vaccines’ to your patients you are committing all of the following egregious crimes:
    1. Knowingly / premeditatively harming your patients and thereby breaking your hypocritic oath.
    2. Engaged in misleading your patients that they are receiving a ‘vaccine’ when you are in fact administering a shot mRNA gene therapy that has not completed clinical trials for safety and efficacy.
  • Guilty of contributary manslaughter in the event of any patient dying following receipt of a covid vaccine. (be advised that there is no statute of limitations for this crime and that litigants will have a lean on all of your future earnings, your pension and your home) if convicted in a court of law

In light of the above you should consider this communication a notice of liability should you decide to engage in the administration of these treatments on gullible and unwitting patients. Should any of your patients die following these vaccines the families of the bereaved will be contacted and advised that they can and should (in the name of safe guarding others) prosecute you personally in a court of law on a charge of contributary manslaughter or other charge relating to bodily harm and medical malfeasance.

Please respond to this correspondence to confirm whether it is your intent to administer any of the so-called mRNA covid-19 ‘vaccines’ despite the attached clear evidence of harm caused to patients by these treatments.

Please also confirm if you plan to prescribe hydroxychloroquine, the safest medicine with the most proven track record to any patients presenting with respiratory illness to any patient presenting with respiratory illness that you suspect may be SARS-COV2?

Yours sincerely

– sign off the letter as “concerned citizen” if you want to remain anonymous for now –  but if and when the court case comes you must be willing to take the stand and testify that you sent the evidence of vaccine harm to the doctor or nurse. Get a friend to film you putting the data in the envelopes and then have some more footage taken of you posting them off at the post office and getting the registered post receipts and filming the tracking numbers.. You need to be able to prove that the evidence was presented to the doctor to prove they they engaged in premeditated harm.